Brewing & Malting Enzymes

Adjunct Cooking


Medium temperature (65°-75°C), liquid, alpha-amylase used to liquefy starch and produce dextrins, an intermediary step in the manufacture of malt extract or beer.


A heat-stable (70°-90°C), liquid, alpha-amylase enzyme used to rapidly liquefy starch and to produce dextrins as an intermediary step in the manufacture of beer.

Attenuation Control

SEBrew ATGlucoamylase and Alpha-Amylase
SEBrew AT PlusGlucoamylase, Alpha-Amylase and Pullulanase
SEBrew GLGlucoamylase Enzyme

Barley Brewing

SEBMalt BarleyUnique Enzyme Combination Used to Produce Standard Fermentable Wort with Barley

Chill Haze Prevention

SEBrew ClearPeptidase to Reduce Haze and Extend Shelf Life of Beer
SEBPro XPapain


In malting & brewing industries, SEBPro X is primarily used during the mashing stage to improve the free amino nitrogen content and extract yield.



A Beta Glucanase enzyme preparation which can be used either in mashing or during fermentation of beer. This product reduces wort viscosity, improves solid/liquid separation, lautering, and filtration.

Barley Steeping & Germination


A unique blend of enzymes used during barley steeping or germination stages to help speed up the malting process. It reduces germination time, enables a significant increase in production capacity, and results in an increase in the yield of malt extract.


SEBMalt Plus

An enzyme preparation containing protease, alpha-amylase, and beta-glucanase, SEBMalt Plus mimics the role of the principal enzymes found in barley malt. It is added during the mashing stage and helps reduce viscosity, allowing faster filtration rates and extremely clear worts.


A protease enzyme preparation primarily used during the mashing stage to increase free amino nitrogen (FAN) content of wort. This enhances yeast growth and improves fermentation time.

SEBMalt Super

An enzyme preparation containing protease, alpha-amylase, beta-glucanase and xylanase. This product mimics the role of the principal enzymes found in barley malt and is added during the mashing stage, which reduces viscosity very rapidly, allowing faster filtration and extremely clear worts.


Di-acetyl Control

SEBrew Mature L

An alpha-acetolactate decarboxylase that bypasses production of diacetyl, converting alpha-acetolactate to acetoin, which reduces maturation time and improves taste, color and aroma.

Yeast Nutrition- Fermentation

NutraSEB Yeast

Is a fortified, dried Aspergillus oryzae fermentation extract that is an ideal nutrient support system for yeast during the fermentation process. It contains protein, free-form amino acids, minerals, enzymes, vitamins, fiber and other nutrients.

Product Spotlight

SEBrew Mature L

A unique enzyme that can prevent the formation of diacetyl through the fermentation.  Can be used for faster throughput in a brewerey, or as a double check measure.  Ideal for lighter styled beers, but applicable to many styles.

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