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DigeGrain ProEndo Protease

DigeGrain Pro reduces the requirement for supplemental amino acids and improves the digestibility of dietary protein.

DigeGrain GBeta Glucanase

DigeGrain G is a superior beta glucanase designed to meet the unique demands of modern poultry and swine feeding. DigeGrain G can be used as one of the primary non-starch-polysaccharide-degrading enzyme components for wheat, rye, triticale, barley and oat based diets.

DigeGrain CCellulase

DigeGrain C is cellulase complex which breaks down the plant cell walls and releases the inside nutrients, thus increasing the utilization efficiency of feedstuff in poultry & swine.

DigeGrain MMannanase

DigeGrain M increases digestibility, absorption of nutrients, improves gut health, builds immunity and enhances utilization efficiency of feed stuffs, thus improving production performance of poultry and swine.

DigeGrain XXylanase

DigeGrain X increases digestibility, absorption of nutrients, and enhances utilization efficiency of feed stuffs, improving production performance in poultry and swine.

DigeGrain αAlpha Galactocidase

Supplementing soy-bean, corn, pea, and cereal diets with DigeGain α results in complete breakdown of α galactosides, which leads to drastic reduction in fluid retention and thus improved utilization of nutrients.

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