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VinoiSEB® Crush

Designed for pre-press process applications in white, red and rosé wines.

VinoSEB® Filtration

Increases clarification and filtration of musts and wines infected by Botrytis cinerea and other fungus. It also improves organoleptic characteristics of wines.

ViscoSEB® L

Promotes cell-wall liquefaction, reduces viscosity, and improves solid/liquid separation and filtration.

VinoSEB® Clarify RL

Effectively settles musts for rapid clarification of red juices.

VinoSEB® Clarify WL

Effectively settles musts for rapid clarification of white and rosé juices.


Improves extraction of suppled tannins, as well as intense red color from the grape skin and pulp.

VinoSEB® RG200 L

Effectively extracts high concentrations of anthocyanins and suppled tannins from grape skin.  Significantly increases the aging potential of red wines.

VinoSEB® Fresh L

Especially effective for extraction of aromas and their precursors from the grape berry,  used for aromatic white and rosé wines.

VInoSEB® Thermo L

Designed for settling and rapid clarification of the grape juices derived from thermal treatment.

VinoSEB® Flotation L

Specially designed for flotation applications.

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