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EnviroSEB Septic Tank

A blend of naturally occurring microbes, enzymes, plant extracts and buffers for the digestion of solid waste and elimination of odors in septic tanks and portable toilets.

EnviroSEB Sludge

Designed for use in industrial wastewater treatment plants, EnviroSEB® Sludge helps reduce costs in removing sludge by the digestive action of select bacteria and enzymes.

EnviroSEB E

A proven enzyme formulation with microbes, enzymes and bioenhancers for domestic effluent/sewage treatment.

Product Spotlight

EnviroSEB Grease Digest

EnviroSEB® Grease Digest is a specially designed blend of naturally occurring microbes, fungi, enzymes, plant extracts and buffers for use to digest grease in grease traps in commercial food establishments such as restaurants, hospitals, schools, prisons, slaughter houses, meat processing plants etc., Grease is insoluble in water. EnviroSEB® Grease Digest converts grease into water soluble fatty acids.

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