Fruit & Vegetable Processing Enzymes

Apples & Pears Processing Enzymes

LiquiSEB RL Press

Broad spectrum pectinase blend for Juice extraction

ExtractSEB AFL

Maceration & depectinization of acidic fruits & berries.

ExtractSEB RL

Maceration & depectinization of fruit & vegetables with decanters or for second extraction from pomace

ExtractSEB Pear

Effective pear juice extraction


Depectinize & clarify pressed or extracted fruit & berry juices

ClariSEB Duo

Depectinize and hydrolyze starch for early season apples.

ClariSEB Pear

Depectinize pear juice

SEBamyl Haze

Starch hydrolysis for apple juice processing


Low temperature starch hydrolysis


Clean & maintain permeate flux-rate filter membranes

SEB Color Light

Clarifying color Protection for apple or pear juice and others

Citrus Fruit Processing Enzymes

CitriSEB Haze

Pectinase blend to reduce viscosity in cloudy citrus juice

CitriSEB Wash

Pectinase blend to produce clear citrus juice, citrus oil and core wash.

CitriSEB Clear

Clear lemon Juice prouction

CitriSEB Lemon Haze

Pectinase blend to reduce viscosity in cloudy citrus juice

Grapes and Berries Processing Enzymes


Designed for masceration of berries and other red fruit to maintain color and flavor.

SEB Color Light

Clarifying color Protection, especially for white grape juice and others.

Fruit Firming and Preparations Processing Enzymes

FirmSEB PMELiquid & Powder

Pectin Methylesterase for fruit & vegetable firming

Tropical Fruit Processing Enzymes

ExtractSEB PMJ

Pectinase blend for mill pineapple juice processing

ExtractSEB Tropic

Pectinase blend for exotic fruit purees and juice concentrates

Olive Oil Processing Enzymes

SEBmax Oil

Pectinase blend for olive oil and other edible oils extraction

Vegetables Processing Enzymes

ExtractSEB Veg

Pectinase blend to reduce viscosity in cloudy vegetable juice

Product Spotlight

SEB Color Light

SEB Color Light is a proprietary blend of clarifying agents used to produce sparkling, clear fruit juice.  SEB Color Light is composed of a natural blend of enzymes and other clarifying ingredients. This unique combination of ingredients effectively removes haze- causing precipitates and their precursors from apple juice and apple juice concentrate. Consumers always associate clarity with better taste and purity in fruit juice.

Acknowledged as making an impact on the juice processing industry, this article is but one of many ways that Specialty Enzymes, “Advanced Enzymes USA,” is shaping the juice industry in natural, eco-friendly ways.
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